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Pokemon GO Trick: Capture Pokemon Easily On Your First Attempt

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Pokemon Go

Catching Pokemon is the main attraction of Niantic?s new mobile game, but those who frequently fail to do it successfully will surely feel frustrated. For those who find it difficult, there?s a Pokemon GO trick that can help you catch a Pokemon quickly. If you?re looking for a way to easily hit a Pokemon with your Pokeball on your first attempt, applying this trick is really easy and effective. It works almost every time on every type of Pokemon.

Every time you encounter a wild Pokemon, you should always consider where it is located on your screen before throwing a Pokeball. Those wild Pokemon often dance around your screen and quickly dodge Pokeballs you throw. But if you quickly throw your Pokeball quickly when the battle starts, you?ll no longer have to suffer through this burden.

This trick is called by some as the SinaThrow, as it was named after the user who discovered the trick. You need to turn your AR mode off first in order to do this trick. When the battle starts, start swiping your finger constantly so you?ll throw the Pokeball immediately before the wild Pokemon can react.

Take note that this doesn?t guarantee a 100% chance for you to land your Pokeball as some will still manage to dodge your Pokeball. It will also not guarantee a capture because your capture rate is still reliant on the Pokeball you use.

Nonetheless, successfully using this trick will help prevent you from wasting your PokeBalls. Pokemon GO is often played by many outdoors, and when you?re in a rush to head back home or head somewhere, make sure to use this trick.

However, on a Reddit thread, a user said that using the SinaThrow may cause a glitch where the whole background turns to black. Don?t fret however because rebooting the game fixes this issue. Pokemon GO fans have already discovered many hacks and tricks that can help players progress faster. There?s also a lot of way to save on mobile data and battery life. Using these tricks will not harm your phone, but if you go with some GPS spoofing tricks, you may end up being soft banned from the game.

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