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Pokemon GO Training: Most Important Stats to Look for in a Pokemon, Plus More Tips

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Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO is now available in?27 new countries, apart from the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. Catching a?Pokemon is one thing, while?training it is a totally different painstaking-yet-entertaining job. To master this game, the ?player,? also known as the ?trainer,? will have to understand Stats, Types and Moves. These three factors help the player to perfect the art of Pokemon GO training.

Pokemon GO: 2 Important Factors of Stats

Speaking of stats, the emphasis is on?Combat Points (CP), which determines the strength of Pokemon by showing how much damage it can do in the battle. More power translates to better battle.

In addition, we have Hit Points (HP), which shows the amount of damage a pocket monster can take. But HP and CP are not totally different factors. Both points upgrade simultaneously and this is precisely why it?s alright to concentrate on CP alone.

It is worth noting that every Pokemon has a Combat Point limit. And not all Pokemon are powerful. In fact, many are weak. Once the player reaches higher levels of Pokemon GO, he will be able to catch Pokemon with very high Combat Point limit. Not to forget, rare Pokemon always maintain higher CP limit. Hence, it is advisable to look for rare Pokemon.

Pokemon GO: 2 Ways to Improve Pokemon Stats

Quartz says there are two ways to improve the pocket monster?s stats in the run up to Pokemon GO Training. The first option is to give a ?Power Up.? ?The other way is to ?Evolve? a pocket monster into a better version of its previous self.

Technically, giving a Power Up improves the CP and HP. This can be achieved with the help of Stardust and Candy. Collecting Stardust is not a big deal as a player automatically gets them every time he catches a Pokemon. The player will only require a certain amount of it for the Power Up.

Candy, on the other hand, is tricky as it comes in different forms based on the type of the evolutionary Pokemon. Players get Candy when they catch Pokemon, hatch Eggs, and also when transferring Pokemon to the Professor. A Candy ultimately strengthens the Pokemon and helps it to evolve.

To take a Pokemon to the next evolutionary step, players need Candy, but there is no use of Stardust in this scenario. However, Candy in large numbers help with the action plan.

As a Pokemon gets evolved, it not only helps improve the CP, but also adds experience to the player. Nevertheless, after the evolving process, Pokemon?s moves could change.

Pokemon GO: Types Conundrum

There are reportedly 18 Types in Pokemon GO. The list includes: Normal, Water, Fire, Lightning/Electric, Steel, Dragon, Ghost, Bug, Psychic, Rock, Flying, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Ice, Grass, Dark and Fairy.

Here is the type chart from?PokemonDB:

Pokemon Go Type Chart (Image Credit: PokemonDB )

Pokemon Go Type Chart (Image Credit: PokemonDB )

Every type listed above is effective against few other types. At the same time, they are resistant to several types in the list. It?s a complicated math. Say for instance, Water is effective against Fire. Grass, on the other hand, is resistant to Water. But Grass is indefensible against Fire. To top it off, some of them are immune to all kinds of attacks.

To complicate the things further, not all types of moves correspond to its Pokemon. For instance, a Dark Pokemon could do a Psychic-Type move.

These details are important because when a player builds the team, all Pokemon Types should be checked out thoroughly in order to make sure no one is indefensible to a particular type. A balanced team helps nail the Pokemon GO training.

Pokemon GO: Moves

This game has two moves namely a standard one and a special one. Only the standard move is heavily used in battles. A?Pokemon?s Moves cannot be changed as they are allotted randomly. Evolution also changes the moves randomly.

While playing Pokemon GO, a player needs to keep track of Damage and Type. In the case of special moves, Energy requirements should also be considered. As the name implies, Damage just shows how much harm it can inflict on the rival. Unlike Damage, the Type involves strategy.

Quartz noted an important point that there are Pokemon with the sheer ability to balance its weaknesses in Type with the advantages in their Moves.

It is advisable that players should spend some time to decide as to which Pokemon can be trained. The chosen Pokemon should also possess the moves the player wants. At the same time, players should know which moves can be taught to the Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the beginners can check out?Pokemon GO Glossary to understand the terms.

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