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Pokemon GO: All Trainers Past Level 35 Are Cheaters?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has a level cap of 40 in its current build. Most players haven?t reached this part of the game yet due to the game?s lack of large experience point gain even with a Lucky Egg. However, an EXP computation that surfaced on Reddit confirms that it?s physically impossible to get to beyond level 35 even for players who played every day since the game?s official release.

According to HugeIRL?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, he computed the needed experience to reach at least level 35 using data of the game?s regular experience gain. HugeIRL?s computations show that a regular player without Lucky Egg exp boost will have to use a strict regimen of spending 16 hours a day for the game and four indefinitely active lure modules to farm wild Pokemon. This will earn him exactly 100 XP per Pokemon catch. This effort is halved if you consistently use Lucky Eggs, but you?ll ?have to spend more than $500 to sustain it. Simply put, a player must put in an inhuman effort to attain Pokemon GO?s max level within a month.

Due to the effort required in Pokemon GO to get to its max level, players who have reached it possibly cheated. Previously, a player reached level 40 through cheating because he wanted to uncover the game?s max level rewards. He opted not to use the account though so he won?t break the game?s balance. The computations suggest that most players who have reached beyond level 35 in Pokemon GO may have cheated in the game. However, witch hunts are always unhealthy for any community, so it?s better to inform Niantic first about this issue.

Pokemon GO?s servers are still plagued with bugs and issues which result in a rough gameplay for both regular players and focused experience grinders. Right now, it’s extremely difficult for players to continuously farm experience points in the game.

A high trainer level gives a competitive edge in Pokemon GO?s Gyms, so it?s better to keep an eye out for players who may have cheated their way to the game?s max level.

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