Pokemon GO: How Trainer Level Affects Pokemon Level

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Contrary to popular belief, there?s a Pokemon level in Pokemon GO, but it is separate and different from the Combat Power rating. In the mobile game, it?s possible for Pokemon to be in the same level but not have a similar Combat Power rating. However, Pokemon level can also be affected by the Trainer?s current level. Here?s how.

According to Myrsho?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, a Trainer?s level affects the Pokemon?s maximum level. Pokemon levels in Pokemon GO are the number of times your Pokemon has received Power Ups, and higher Trainer levels allow players to have more Power Ups. Alternatively, this means that low-level trainers are less likely to own high-level Pokemon, which is slightly similar to the badge system of the main Pokemon series. It?s always possible for them to catch a Pokemon with innately high CP though.

Since the trainer and Pokemon levels are connected to each other, players are also encouraged to grind experience for their trainer and not just focus on feeding their Pokemon with Stardusts. Fortunately, merely catching Pokemon and using items from a Pokestop will earn you some experience for your trainer. Technically, players just have to be active in playing the game to progress further.

Once you?ve hit a high Trainer Level, the maximum level limit for your Pokemon goes up too. The Pokemon of these high-level trainers have more potential for stat growth in the long run and can be used more viably in the Gym. You?ll be able to compete and significantly help your Pokemon team take or defend Gyms once you have good Pokemon.

While high CP doesn?t ensure victory for the player, it will still be enough to stop others with weaker Pokemon from taking your Gym or at least give them a challenge if they are good at dodging.

Meanwhile, a high-level trainer may easily have an extremely high-CP Pokemon in his party. Newcomers shouldn?t worry if they happen to face strong gyms early in the game as they have other fellow Pokemon GO team members to help them. Once you?ve hit a higher level yourself, it might be best to help other players level up so their Pokemon can progress in the game too. The rewards for such effort may materialize once Niantic announces an event where Pokemon GO teams can compete with each other, similar to Ingress.

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