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Pokemon GO Trading: How It Works And What We Know So Far

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Pokemon Go

One of the basic features of any Pokemon title is trading. This allows players to swap any Pokemon with other players so they can get the Pokemon that they want. Trading is not yet part of Pokemon GO, however, so players are left to complete the Pokedex on their own. Since this is such a vital feature in any Pokemon title, we can expect it to launch in the game anytime soon. Here?s what we know so far about Pokemon GO trading.

Release Date

There?s no release date for the feature yet, but Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed before in interviews that it is indeed coming to Pokemon GO. Despite the game being made available in field tests months ago, it?s obvious that it?s still in the early stages because of the current issues and lacking features. As for the update that includes trading, it?s possible that it?ll come once Pokemon GO is available worldwide.

How Does It Work

Very little is known about trading aside from the feature allowing players to swap Pokemon with each other. It?s likely that Niantic will allow trading among players within the same area only instead of allowing players to trade with others from different parts of the globe like the recent Pokemon titles. Aside from being able to trade Pokemon, the game?s Terms and Conditions suggests that items like Incense and Lure Modules can be traded as well.

It?s also possible that players won?t have to meet certain categories for a trade to be possible; meaning any Pokemon can be traded even if the swap is between a weak and a strong Pokemon. Players might be free to swap whatever Pokemon they want as long as both players have agreed to the trade.

Trading in Pokemon GO would help out a lot of players especially now that there is a possibility of Pokemon being exclusive to certain regions. All players can do as of the moment is to wait for Niantic?s next update to drop.

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