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Pokemon GO Trading: Why You Shouldn’t Be Excited For It

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There are still a lot of features needed to make Pokemon GO better, including Legendary Pokemon and the next generation of Pokemon, and fans can agree that the game needs to get these features soon. The recent addition of the Appraisal feature shows Niantic?s drive to improve the game. But before the current Pokemon roster increases, chances are that Niantic will introduce trading first. As good as it sounds, Pokemon trading may actually ruin the game instead of make it better. Here?s why you shouldn?t be too excited for Pokemon GO Trading.

Pokemon Selling Sites Will Pop Up Here And There

Let?s face it, one of the biggest issues concerning Pokemon GO Trading is that people will begin using it as a means to earn money. This is more likely if Pokemon trading doesn?t have to be face to face but can be done with anyone all over the world. There?s nothing wrong with using the game for self benefit especially if all the Pokemon were acquired through fair methods. However, it?s going to ruin the whole point of the game, and everyone with extra cash will be able to catch all the Pokemon without effort.

Accounts Will Be More Prone To Hacking

Trading is an essential feature in any Pokemon game and that includes Pokemon GO, but we can all agree that adding it to the game will give hackers more reason to get into an account. There?s no point in hacking an account now since there?s not much benefit from it, but if trading is added, hackers could use the account of others for monetary benefit.

?Catching ?em All? Will Be Easier

Niantic took down third-party Pokemon locator apps simply because it ruined the gaming experience. Adding Pokemon GO trading will most likely ruin the game as instead of looking for Pokemon, players will simply have to look for a person with the Pokemon they need.

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