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Pokemon GO Trading Rumor: Niantic’s New Patent To Transport Virtual Items WIth Real Vehicles

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We once heard that Niantic is including a feature that will allow Pokemon GO trading in the app. We have also stated once how trading Pokemon is indeed a vital part of the game. Now we have heard of the possible use of real-life vehicles to help with this future game feature.

Players travel from one place to another in the original Pokemon game in order to collect Pokemon. This time around, Pokemon GO trading will allow the Pokemon itself to travel to the place where it will be traded off to.

As stated in a previous article in relation to the game?s terms of services or ToS, ?The App permits Account holders to capture and trade virtual items, including but not limited to Pok?mon characters or creatures (?Trading Items?) during gameplay.? This means that we can look forward to Pokemon trading in the near future.

According to the explanation done by Patentyogi, the Pokemon GO app will do the said idea for their Pokemon trading feature. ?Replicating actual transport services in the real life is the key to making the Pokemon trade possible.

They will use the similar as what they did for the Pokestops and Gyms. They will use transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, airplanes, boats, and many more. The schedule of these public utility vehicles will be embedded in the game. The game will have synched schedules with their real life counterparts.

The would-be traded Pokemon will now be able to reach their new destination. An explanation given by the post states that ?the traded Pokemon will use the virtual transport system to travel to their new locations.?. ?The Pokemon will travel to the nearest ?transport hub?. The recipient of the traded Pokemon will now be able to collect it there.

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This method of Pokemon GO trading will greatly help players in getting those ?specific areas only? type of Pokemon.

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