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Pokemon GO: Trading and Multiplayer Battles Very Possible In The Future

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been received well so far since it was released last week in US, Australia, and New Zealand. The augmented reality (AR) game has taken the attention of the Internet and social media, making it a huge success. One thing that has been missing from the game is any form of multiplayer, but it looks like that might change, depending on fan opinion.

Those hoping to beat up their friend’s Doduo with an Electabuzz are going to be disappointed at the lack of online battles. The closest thing the game has to that are the various gym battles, which have an AI version of a player’s party that took over the aforementioned gym.

No trading can be done either; not that it’s needed though. Unlike the original games, each copy of Pokemon GO has every creature that can be caught. That being said, some Pokemon are harder to catch than others, and it would be nice to see the trade function come to the mobile game.

During an interview with Tech Insider John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Games, stated that the mobile game would eventually have trading and other multiplayer components. He said that trading Pokemon is a core element of the series, and it would help players interact with each other more in the mobile game.

Pokemon has always been a great way to interact with other gamers, as the original games let players trade and battle with each other. Considering how this mobile spinoff is meant to be a social experience rather than a solo adventure, it’s easy to see why Niantic would want to add the feature.

The Niantic CEO didn’t state when these multiplayer features would be coming, but he said that the developers of the company are working on it. Fans can expect this to be a big update for the mobile game, but it probably won’t come for quite some time.

Pokemon GO is now available in select countries as a free download on both iOS and Android devices. The game came out last week and is now one of the most downloaded mobile apps of the year. Fans can expect a worldwide release soon.

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