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Pokemon GO Trading: Everything We Know So Far

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Pokemon GO Trading As Seen From Trailer
People Trading In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Trading]

In the recent months, Niantic has been busy updating Pokemon GO with both minor and major features. One of the features we’ve still yet to get a hand on is Trading. It’s a must in any Pokemon game and Niantic has said before that the feature is indeed coming. Here’s everything we know so far about the Pokemon GO Trading release date and its features. 

Pokemon GO Trading Release Date

So far, Niantic is yet to give a specific timeframe on when we can see Trading in Pokemon GO. Niantic CEO John Hanke has said before that Trading will be part of an update in Pokemon GO and that there are other major updates later this year. One of those majors updates could be pertaining to Raids which is rumored to come sometime in summer.

That being said, if it’s Raids that we are going to have a hand on in the summer, then it’s very likely that the Pokemon GO Trading release date is set after Raids. However, we’ve still yet to know if Niantic will include Trading as one of its major updates in 2017.

Trading Features

There’s very little that we know about how Trading will work in Pokemon GO. It was recently revealed that Trading won’t be done in great distances and only players who are near each other will be able to trade. This was likely done to avoid any mishaps when trading with someone from afar. This is also a good thing for players as they can avoid any faulty transactions that could come with long-distance trading.

Looking at the Pokemon GO RPGs, developer GameFreak allowed players to trade with each other online. One of the neat features in the RPGs is Wonder Trade. In Wonder Trade, players will give a Pokemon of their choice to a random player. That random player will also give a Pokemon to trade with and both players are unaware of what they’ll get from each other.

It’s a fun twist on trading and players had fun with Wonder Trade. Either both players will get lucky or not. It’s going to be a good feature to have in Pokemon GO Trading, but since the feature will only be done locally, then Wonder Trade for Pokemon GO could be ruled out since players can easily peek at their trading partner’s offer.

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