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Pok?mon GO Trading: Feature Will Encourage More Bots And GPS Spoofing?

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If there is one thing fans want from Pokemon GO, it’s the ability to trade Pokemon with other players. This was the appeal and still is for games in the original series, since specific Pokemon will only appear in one of the two games. However, with all of the GPS spoofing, cheaters and hackers around, will trading Pokemon in the hit mobile game be safe or fair?

That’s something fans have been asking themselves as of late. Niantic stated in Comic-Con that they were aware that fans wanted this feature and would be adding it in the near future, though it did not say when. Back then, fans were happy about the idea since multiplayer and Pokemon GO hand in hand, but considering the recent problems the mobile game has faced, it might not be wise to implement it anytime soon.

One Reddit user pointed out how a Pokemon GO cheater might be able to trade his or her Pokemon from bots or by GPS spoofing into their main account. While the details about trading in the future have not been detailed as of this writing, it’s a definitive possibility that these hackers will be able to do this once the trading feature has been brought to the mobile game.

With plans for players to trade Pokemon and items with each other in the mobile game, it seems like those who got their Pokemon through illegal means could get ahead of other players that have worked hard to get where they’re at now. This would be pretty upsetting news for players who scratched and clawed their way to get a Dragonite or a Snorlax, so here is hoping Niantic finds a way to prevent cheaters from trading with themselves.

Regardless of what the hackers might do, trading is definitely an option that mobile players want in this mobile game. While nothing has been announced as of this time, here is hoping Niantic have these problems in mind as well.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries and is inching closer toward a worldwide release. The game could be ready soon, so all players have to do is be patient. The game is/will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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