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Pokemon GO Trading Update: Niantic Labs New Patent Could Be The Key

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Pokemon GO Trading Update

Pokemon GO fans have had a very busy December as Niantic Labs has lined up several exciting events this month. This is in line with Niantic?s continued efforts to keep Pokemon GO players engaged with the game. The game?s developers recently announced the Pokemon GO Holiday Update, which made fans extremely happy. After that, it appears that the Pokemon GO Trading Update could very well be the next thing that Niantic will be working on according to reports.

Right now, Pokemon GO trainers can only get a Pokemon in two possible ways: catching them or hatching them. One essential feature of the Nintendo Pokemon games which is Pokemon trading is not yet available in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Trading Update

Niantic Labs has earlier stated that it is one of the features that it is planning to add to the game. It may just be the next update that could come to Pokemon GO if the recent reports are to be believed.

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According to Express UK, Niantic Labs already has an existing patent on a virtual transport system in the virtual world. The report cites that this could be an essential element for Pokemon trading to be added to Pokemon GO.

The connection between the virtual transport system and Pokemon trading may not be immediately apparent to everyone. The report claimed that players may need to use these transport hubs to trade Pokemon with users from all over the world.

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Pokemon GO Trading Hopefully Coming Soon

The report does mention that the patent is from 2012 but it is certainly something that could be used in Pokemon GO today. John Hanke has confirmed that Pokemon trading will be an essential element in Pokemon GO. It may just be about Niantic Labs figuring out the best way to make this feature happen in Pokemon GO.

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While there is still no timeline as to when the Pokemon GO trading update is going to be available, players can expect Niantic Labs to continue working on it round the clock. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about this and other updates about Pokemon GO and other great games today.

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