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Pokemon GO: All Trackers Removed So Far By Niantic

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Pokemon GO

After the third party Pokemon GO sites like PokeVision were taken down, Niantic has also culled the other wild Pokemon tracker apps and programs for the game. Fans have noticed that the programs were still functional yesterday and just stopped working today. Here?s a quick list of wild Pokemon trackers that Niantic has taken down. According to ktchong?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, the disabled trackers are:



-Pokemon GO Live Map


-Smart Poke V2

These third party apps do not work anymore due to certain changes in the game?s data. According to Reddit User dr_ishmael?s reply on the thread, the changes in minimum delay in map requests was increased from five seconds to 10 seconds. The game won?t send data to applications which were programmed with the previous five-second delay, which prevents the wild Pokemon trackers for Pokemon GO from working properly.

Plainly speaking, your wild Pokemon tracker won?t work if it isn?t updated with the new map delay. However, the tracker may work if it?s programmed with the new map request delay, but it?s also possible that Niantic has set more protective codes to prevent further third party programs from using the game?s data.

This leaves Pokemon GO players with no usable wild Pokemon tracker outside the in-game Pokemon Nearby system. These third party trackers are often reliable as they clearly pinpoint the Pokemon locations in the game which prevents players from taking shady routes or trespassing just to catch Pokemon. Niantic may probably include a more accurate wild Pokemon tracker in the game or improve the current Pokemon Nearby feature.

With the third party sites and programs out of the way, players may either wait for the next set of third party programs to breach Niantic?s Pokemon GO systems or for Niantic to implement a handy system that can fill the void that the third party Pokemon trackers left behind. It?s possible that Niantic is starting to close in on making the game stable as they?ve been focusing lately on crackdown on the game?s cheats and other unofficial third party functionalities.

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