Pokemon GO Tracker: What Are Still Available Out There After Niantic’s Ban On 3rd Party Tracking Apps?

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Niantic has banned third-party Pokemon GO tracker apps. The July 31 update had already deleted the game?s tracking system, which makes it harder for Trainers to know how close Pokemon are. Users, though, want the tracking system back and it has resulted to looking for third-party apps to do so. Now, Niantic also cracked down on these third-party apps and left many people lost and disappointed.

Pokevision, the popular Pokemon GO tracker app, had been shut down. In an article by BGR, Pokevision had over 50 million unique users and 12 million daily active users. That?s a lot of people to disappoint. It is also good to note that this is not the only tracker app that is available; there are several others and they too were banned. ?So for the past few days, many Trainers have been looking for alternatives to this but they just go down.

There are other options like FastPokeMap as pointed out by Slash Gear. But it is currently down for maintenance. The ETA for the servers going up, according to their Reddit post. is at 11am GMT+1. You can also follow their Twitter handle for updates. FastPokeMap uses OpenStreetMap and its geocoding API as well as an API for geocoding from ArcGis.


PokeGOFind is another option. It offers a filter and allows users to receive notifications about rare Pokemon appearing near a search marker. This also gives a historical view of the area so that Trainers can make some ?informed? guesses on where their target Pokemon will go next.

This is all that we can find right now that is currently working. They too may be on the verge of not working as Niantic has been aggressively shutting Pokemon GO tracker apps down. But we will keep you posted though about Pokemon GO tracker apps and general Pokemon GO updates.

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