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Pokemon GO: Top 4 Ways to Prevent Throwing a Curveball

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Pokemon GO

If you find yourself accidentally hurling curveballs?every time you play Pokemon GO, we have a few tips that can help you. Curveballs can be a good source of bonus XP in the game, but mastering the spin on the throw can cause you to burn through PokeBalls really quickly. If you?d rather not bother with this, here are some things you can do.

Pokemon GO Curveball Guide

We previously covered a method for Android using an app called Easy Touch. The program records your touch gestures and allows you to replay them on the fly. This allows you to get the perfect Pokeball throw every single time without accidentally triggering a curveball. Some players have warned against using third party apps when playing Pokemon GO, so try this out at your own risk.

If you want a simpler solution, Reddit user deon00 has a much better fix. All he did was wrap a hair tie around his phone. This ensures that you won?t accidentally spin the Pokeball and initiate the curveball throw.

If you do happen to enter the curveball mode, one thing you can do to ensure your Pokeball doesn?t go to waste is to try and hold your phone at an angle. Reddit user cleric_style explains:

?I did some testing with quarter/penny/dime sized motions, picking a point on the side of the screen to throw toward and it seemed really varied. So yesterday while my brother was driving and I was playing on both his phone and mine, I noticed it was easy to throw curveballs on my phone sitting in my lap using my right hand.??To see the full process, check out?this thread.

If all else fails, the folks over at the?Useless Duck Company YouTube channel have a simpler method to avoid Pokemon GO curveballs.

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