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Pokemon GO Togetic: Player Evolves Togepi By Hatching 3 Eggs

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Pokemon GO Togetic

Just a couple of days ago, Niantic finally unveiled how Pokemon GO gen 2 is going to happen. Players now have access to a few Baby Pokemon simply by hatching eggs. Niantic promised more Pokemon in the months to come but it has yet to reveal when exactly the next Pokemon GO update will be. It seems that there are more Pokemon added in the recent update as a few players have discovered a new one simply by grinding egg hatching.

Redditor ReversalOnYoutube recently shared a screencap of his friend with a Togetic in his Pokemon GO account. According to the player, the Togetic was acquired by hatching a Togepi three times. While the Pokemon itself isn?t that impressive, it?s good to see that Niantic has added more Pokemon under our noses.

The addition of Togetic might mean that we wouldn?t have to wait too long before the Pokemon GO update adding the rest of gen 2 arrives. Togetic joins the list of gen 2 Pokemon now in the game including Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Pichu, Togepi, Cleffa and Igglybuff.

According to a few players on the Reddit thread, there are already a few others that have discovered Togetic. However, it remains to be seen if exactly three Togepis are required to get Togetic. There?s a chance that Togetic will appear randomly only if a player hatches a specific number of eggs holding Togepi.

Some are even commenting that getting Togetic from hatching Togepis in 10 KM eggs is a bad move on the part of Niantic. Players are seeing the method of getting Togetic as a way to push players into buying more Incubators.

Nonetheless, it?s pretty nice to see another Pokemon entering Pokemon GO. At this rate, we can expect Niantic to release more Pokemon into the wild pretty soon. It seems as though the developer is more than ready to add more Pokemon and is just waiting for the right time to do so.

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