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Pokemon GO Tips: Where To Find Dratini, Snorlax, Laprax

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is driving its players crazy. Everyone is searching for the rare Pokemon like Snorlax, Dratini, Lapras and more. However, these Pokemons are not available in common locations. This article will help you find these.

Here is the list of the rarest Pokemon and where to find them.


beaches. Although it is not sure that the players will find Dratini near water, it just increases the chances to find one near water. Dratini usually live near water. Pokemon GO players have found it near rivers, lakes and?beaches.

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Snorlax is among the most rare Pokemon as it does not have any specific habitat. It falls under the ?Mythical? category. The players who have caught Snorlax found it in random areas. The players need a bit of luck to find this Snorlax.


Just like Dratini, Lapras belongs to the Mythical group and was reportedly found in areas that have bodies of water. Players caught a Lapras near piers, beaches and lakes. According to Heavy, Lapras appeared near the Santa Monica Pier and caused massive gathering near the area.


Hitmonchan is a fighting Pokemon and is usually captured in gyms, parks, and areas that hold exercise activities. It belongs to the ?Epic? group as well. Some players are found Hitmonchan near sports stadiums, golf courses and mountains.


Hitmonlee also belongs to ?Epic? category and is a fighting Pokemon. It can be found in the same areas where Hitmonchan can be found. For example near the places for exercise, gyms, sports stadiums, etc.


Magnemite can be found near power plants or industrial areas. It falls under the ?Epic? category and is an Electric/Steel type Pokemon. Some players have also found Magnemite during thunderstorms. However, it is advised not to not to look for it in dangerous storms as it is not sure that the players will find it Magnemite these conditions.

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As the name indicates, Electabuzz is an electric type Pokemon and falls under ?Epic? category. It is one of the most rare Pokemons can be found in the places with a lot of cables and a high concentration of electrical wires. The chances of finding Electabuzz near power grids are high.
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