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Pokemon GO Tips: Unique Hacks to Hatch 10km Eggs Without Moving

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Pokemon GO Tips

Pokemon GO is certainly an entertaining game that almost everybody is playing nowadays. Having the chance to go out and catch Pokemon in the real world is certainly a lot of fun. While catching Pokemon is a huge part of the game, another aspect which many gamers find challenging is hatching eggs. If you want to hatch Pokemon eggs in the game, you would need to do a lot of walking. Luckily, that is not the only way that you can do it as one of the best Pokemon GO tips that you can learn is how to hatch 10km eggs without moving.

There are three different kinds of Pokemon eggs in Pokemon GO: the 2km egg, the 5km egg and finally the 10km egg. The name of the egg actually represents the distance in kilometers that you would need to travel in order for it to hatch after incubating it.

The 2km eggs would usually result to fairly common Pokemon such as Pidgeys and Caterpies. The 5km eggs can give you more uncommon ones such as Eevees and Ghastlys. The 10km egg is the best of all as it gives you a chance to get some of the rarer Pokemon such as a Snorlax or a Hitmonlee.

Unfortunately, having to walk 10km just to hatch an egg can be quite frustrating especially if you are tired or the weather in your area makes it very tough. Thankfully, there are ways that you can hatch 10km eggs in Pokemon GO without moving. Just follow the Pokemon GO hacks below and you will be hatching 10km eggs in no time.

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  • Strap Your Smartphone to a Ceiling Fan – Yes, this simple hack will make it possible for you to hatch Pokemon GO eggs without getting up from your couch. The speed of the fan is not too fast that it will be a perfect way to record some kilometers without leaving your home. Be sure to strap your smartphone securely though as you do not want to it to fall down and break it.
  • Attach it to Your Roomba – The Roomba is a very handy robotic vacuum that cleans your floor on its own. It can navigate the floor of your home on its own so you do not need to stand and operate it. Just strap your smartphone to the Roomba and let it clean away and you will also be getting some kilometers at the same time.
  • Let Your Pet Dog Carry Your Phone – Having dogs can be an excellent way to have companionship in the house. They can also help you out in hatching 10km eggs in Pokemon GO without lifting a finger. If you have a harness for your pet, strap your smartphone securely to it and then just let you pet run around the house or backyard. This way, your pet dog will hatch your 10km egg in no time. Just make sure that your smartphone is not too heavy for your pet as you do not want to hurt it in the process.

There you have it! Unique hacks that will help you hatch your 10km egg in Pokemon GO without moving an inch. Try these out and let us know which one you like best in the comments field below.


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