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Pokemon GO Tips, Tricks, Cheats: What You Should Not Do For Getting Banned For Cheating

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Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon GO is undoubtedly one of the most desirable augmented reality games. To level up fast and to gain more XP, people are searching for Pokemon GO cheats, tips, and tricks on the web. However, if players are caught cheating, they can get banned. Here are some things to keep in mind while playing Pokemon GO to prevent getting banned for cheating.

GPS Spoofing

One of the most sought after Pokemon GO cheats that can easily result in getting banned is GPS spoofing. It allows players to use a GPS spoofing app that can make the phone think that the player is walking even though he is sitting at one place.

Pokemon GO game requires people to move around to find Pokemon and to reach PokeStops. However, the Pokemon Go GPS spoofing allows users to catch Pokemon without moving.

Pokemon?s official guidelines state that it is one of the techniques that can result in getting banned.? However, if you would still like to know about this hack, here?s a guide on how to do GPS spoofing on Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

Selling Pokemon GO Account

It takes a lot of effort to reach higher levels on Pokemon GO. Still several players have managed to reach even level 30.

However, according to recent reports, some players that have reached higher levels have sold their Pokemon GO accounts for thousands of dollars.? One should be aware of the fact that selling, reselling, renting or leasing Pokemon GO accounts can lead to a ban.

Also, one player can have only one account and playing with multiple accounts can also result in a shut down of the accounts involved. Hence, players should not share accounts with others.

Modified Or Unofficial Software

Pokemon GO fans are advised to only download and play through the legitimate Pokemon Go app available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. According to the official Pokemon GO trainer guidelines, using modified or unofficial software is also considered cheating.

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