Pokemon GO Tips: How To Reach Level 33 In Two Days Without Cheating

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Right now, Pokemon GO trainers at high levels are often looked at with a tinge of suspicion. Reports of rampant hacking and GPS spoofing have made it hard to separate the honest players from cheats. If you want an exploit-free journey to becoming a Pokemon master, how long would you have to play to reach the higher trainer levels?

1 Million Pokemon GO XP in 2 Days?

According to a user on Reddit, it only takes two days. Don?t believe us? Then check out?this thread from user jdero. From 12:01 AM Saturday until 11:59 PM Sunday, the Austin, Texas native played Pokemon GO non-stop. Grinding through the same loop around the city, he racked up a whopping 1,055,525 experience points by the end of the weekend. He walked an estimated 60 to 80 miles over the course of his journey, earning many battle scars on his legs and feet in the process. To verify that his experience was legitimate, he posted periodic live updates on the Pokemon GO Austin Facebook group. You can check them out?here.

?For my methods in actually getting the exp, I was running 8-9 incubators (I would save a 2km egg in slot 9 for the unlimited if my unl currently had an egg with less than 1 km on it (usually a 2km, rarely a 5 km). Furthermore, I think it’s fair to say I caught every single 25 or 12 evolution mon regardless of when it showed up,? he explained.

He shelled out $150 on in-app purchases to hit the 1M xp mark. To keep his phone powered throughout the 48-hour marathon, he strapped on a 26800 mAh power bank.

So there you have it. Getting to the upper tiers of?Pokemon GO through legitimate means is certainly no easy task, but in jdero?s case, it definitely seemed worth the effort. Can you replicate his insane feat? Let us know in the comments below.

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