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Pokemon GO Tips: When to Power Up or Evolve Your Pokemon

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Pokemon GO Tips

Dominating in Pokemon GO is a lot easier said and done. The augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has a lot of little niceties with regard to its gameplay and newbie gamers sometimes miss out on their importance. One of the most common question that a Pokemon GO trainer will face while playing the game is when to power up or evolve his or her Pokemon. Knowing the answer to this question is certainly one of the best Pokemon GO tips that you should learn.

Powering up or evolving Pokemon is one aspect of Pokemon GO that can be a bit tricky. With so many different Pokemon, a trainer will undoubtedly find it difficult in deciding which ones to power up and which ones to evolve.

The Basics

For starters, it is important to know the difference between the two, powering up and evolving. While both actions will require Stardust and Candy, the two actually have different effects. When you power up a Pokemon, you will help increase its Combat Power (CP) and its health (HP) thus increasing its effectiveness in battle.

On the other hand, evolving a Pokemon would transform your existing Pokemon to the next evolution form for that particular Pokemon. For example, evolving a Pidgey will turn it into a Pidgeotto and evolving a Caterpie will transform it into a Metapod.

Pokemon GO Tips

To Evolve or to Power Up?

Now that you know the difference between evolving and powering up a Pokemon, the next step is deciding which one is best for a particular Pokemon. One excellent tip that you should keep in mind is never to power up low level Pokemon. You only level up to have strong Pokemon for gym battles. There is no use in increasing the CP of a Pidgey or Weedle when those will not do well when battling other Pokemon in a gym. Only focus on powering up strong, battle-ready Pokemon to help you succeed.

When it comes to evolving Pokemon, you should consider the purpose as well. Primarily, the goal of evolving a Pokemon is to get a new and stronger Pokemon. If you already have an evolved form of a Pokemon like let us say a Pidgeon, there is no use in wasting Stardust and Candy to evolve more low CP Pidgeys. You would be better served in powering up your Pokemon in this situation.

The best approach would be to save your Stardust and Candy to evolve those Pokemon which you do not have yet. This will get you more XP and help you level up. Otherwise, just save your Stardust and Candy to power up the final evolved form of your Pokemon.

Choosing whether to evolve or power up your Pokemon can be a tough choice to make. Hopefully the tips above will help Pokemon GO players in making the right decision. Be sure to check back here soon to find more Pokemon GO tricks and tips to help you succeed in the hit new mobile game.

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