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Pokemon GO Tips: PokeStops, Gyms, CP And More

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Pokemon GO

The much anticipated augmented-reality game by Niantic and The Pokemon Company recently launched officially and as a leaked APK. Players worldwide are living their long dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer. Pokemon GO is different from the Pokemon games that we are used to as players may require a bit of help. If you?re one of those players, look no further as we got you covered with these tips.


Travelling will be a vital part of gameplay, and PokeStops are one of the things to look out for aside from Pokemon and Gyms. PokeStops are where real-life landmarks are, so they?re not easy to miss. These spots will be the best place to gather Pokeballs, Eggs and other items.

Pokemon Gyms

It won?t be a Pokemon game without Gyms and Gym Leaders. Like PokeStops, Gyms are found where real-life landmarks are. To capture one, you either have to be the first to discover it, or you?ll have to climb your way to the top to become a Gym Leader.

Pokemon GO

What Is CP?

Combat Points or CP function similarly to ?levels? in Pokemon GO. The higher the CP, the better. Increasing CP is as easy as training at friendly gyms, so it?s no big hassle. CPs are also the best way to measure if you and your squad can take on an opposing team from a Pokemon Gym. If their CP levels are several hundreds above your team, then it?s safer to not mess with them.


Evolution isn?t as simple as leveling up the Pokemon. To evolve Pokemon, you?ll have to get Candies specific to their type. For example, to evolve a Squirtle to a Wartortle, you?ll need to get Squirtle Candies. To get these, you?ll simply have to catch Squirtles over and over again, but you can get them from hatching eggs as well. You can also power up Pokemon by using Stardust. Unlike Candies, you can use Stardust on any Pokemon regardless of who you got it from.


Travelling will be the most important part of your Pokemon GO journey. Travelling will reap a lot of benefits including discovering Pokemon Gyms, PokeStops, capturing Pokemon and evolving them. Be sure to go out every once in a while. Just keep an eye on your smartphone?s data though.

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