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Pokemon GO Tips: How to Get Lots of PokeCoins for Free

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Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, players can either make use of real money to buy various items like PokeBalls, Incense, Eggs and so on. Alternatively, players can earn in-game currency called PokeCoins and use them to purchase their desired items in the game.

Players should enter a local Gym that belongs to his team and then click on the icon that is present on the left side at the bottom. The game will prompt the player to pick a Pokemon to guard the Gym. Here, players can select a Pokemon with a high Combat Power (CP).

By training at the Gym, the trainer can increase his Prestige. When he levels up his Prestige, he can assign another Pokemon to protect the Gym. Players can also engage in battles with an opponent Gym and take it.

Once a rival Gym is acquired, players can also use a Pokemon to guard it. If you spot any neutral Gym, you should immediately acquire it before a rival assigns his Pokemon to it.


Once the Pokemon are protecting the acquired Gyms, Pokemon GO players can get busy with collecting PokeCoins. Navigate to Shop and then tap on the Shield icon present at the top right side. It will then ask you if you want to use Defender Bonus.

When you confirm it, you?ll get 10 PokeCoins along with 500 stardust for all the Pokemon that you have assigned to a Gym. For each defender, players can collect 10 PokeCoins every 21 hours.

Pokemon GO players should note though that it does not mean 21 hours per Pokemon. Hence, they need to collect the PokeCoins wisely. If a player adds more defenders after collecting PokeCoins, he will have to wait for 21 hours to pass to claim PokeCoins again.

Do you like to purchase items like PokeBalls, Lures, Eggs, incubators and other items by spending the collected PokeCoins or by shelling out real money? Do let us know your thoughts by adding comments below. ?

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