Pokemon GO Tips: Get Gyarados, Other Rare Pokemon Via This Easier But More Tedious Way

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Time for some Pokemon GO Tips. Trainers have been clamoring for rare Pokemon characters. Some of the rarest Pokemon characters in the game include Lapras and Gyarados. As most Pokemon GO trainers know already, there is not one surefire way of finding a rare Pokemon. All we can do is increase the chances that we will find one. Now, let?s explore some ways that we can do just that.

Pokemon GO Tips: Getting A Gyarados

In an article by USgamer, it is revealed that Gyarados is not available from any Pokemon Eggs. It also teaches us the fastest way to acquire this rare Pokemon.

The only way a trainer can get this specific Pokemon is by evolving a Magikarp. This though is pretty hard as this requires 400 Magikarp Candy. This may be even harder for trainers who are not located near a consistent Magikarp spawn area.


So what can we do? We can hatch Magikarps using 2km Eggs. This allows us to hatch them relatively easily and more frequently as these only require a short travel distance. This, though, is probabilistic as 2km Pokemon Eggs also hatch with other Pokemons in it like Squirtle, Caterpie, Rattata and Pikachu, among others. Patience is indeed required here.

So, every time you walk around, just be sure to turn on the app and make sure you are incubating the Eggs. Hatching a Magikarp from an egg seem to earn more Candy reward for players making it somewhat faster for a trainer to earn the 400 Candy requisite.

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Now, if you have a whole lot of Magikarps, you should calculate how much more Candy you need. You can also move any low CP (Combat Power) Magikarp back to the professor to make up for the difference. Once you hit the 400 Candy target, you can then evolve your highest CP Magikarp into a Gyarados. Using the highest CP Magikarp will ensure that your Gyarados will be as strong possible.

So, just be patient and just strengthen the chances of you getting the Gyarados by following those Pokemon GO Tips.

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