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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Find A Cluster Of Pokemon

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Pokemon GO

Are you playing Pokemon GO and want to find Pokemon-rich areas near you? Then why not give Niantic?s other game, Ingress, a shot? There?s some evidence that points to Pokemon GO?s geolocation data being based from Ingress, so playing it, or at the very least studying its popular locations, might give you an edge when Pokemon hunting.

Can Ingress Improve Your Pokemon GO Experience?

On the official Pokemon GO subreddit,?some players have been busy theory crafting how the spawn locations of Ingress? XM points could be an indicator of fertile Pokemon grounds. Some have said that high XM spawns generally have a direct correlation to the number of Pokemon that spawn in the area. Others are not as convinced.

Thread starter Raiden333 said that a certain area near him always has a regular cluster of Pokemon. Commenters suggested he check out Ingress to see if the same spot is also an XM rich area.

?Check if there’s a large amount of XM there, using Ingress game app,? urged user Pyronic_Chaos. Raiden333 replied back showing?his findings with Ingress. His Ingress game screen showed a pretty uniform distribution of XM around the?Pokemon cluster zone, debunking the idea that high XM equates to high spawn rates.

Other trainers still swear by the method, claiming they?ve had good success when using Ingress as a guide map of sorts.

?Every area I’ve found like that had tons of super-common mons. And they’ve all been on huge densely packed XM fields, like at cell phone stores. But this isn’t like that. I can’t see any way to predict where one is. Just have to wait for more heat maps to come out to see where they are,? said a user named Valendros.

Have you tried using Ingress to aid you in your Pokemon GO hunting? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below.

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