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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Earn Lots Of XP And Level Up Faster In Short Span Of Time Using Pidgey Calculator

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In order to level up faster on Pokemon GO, players are required to catch Pokemon with high CP. A new strategy called Pidgey Grinding can be adopted by players to gain XP faster to increase their level by catching low-powered Pokemon and a Lucky Egg.

To level up in a short period of time, players need to make use of a Lucky Egg that will allow them to double their XP during a period of 30 minutes. Once a Lucky Egg is activated, players need to catch low-powered Pokemon that require less number of Candies to evolve.

Players can go after Pokemon characters like Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie. However, one needs to make sure that he has plenty of Candies to evolve all the Pokemon. A Pidgey Calculator created by Reddit user dasilva333 can be used to calculate how to get maximum number of XP through the available Candies and Pokemon.

To make use of the Pidgey Calculator, players need to visit and select a Pokemon from a drop-down menu that contains different names of Pokemon along with the number of Candies they need to evolve.

Pokemon GO Pidgey

Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie only need 12 Candies to evolve. Ratta, Oddie and Eevee require 25 Candies whereas Pokemon such as Zubat, Drowsee and Spearow need 50 Candies to evolve.

If the player selects Pidgey, he is required to enter the number of Pidgeys he has in his inventory. In the next field, the player has to enter the number of Candies he has and then hit the Calculate button. Before hitting Calculate, players can also make use of the Add button to add different kinds of Pokemon he has in his inventory.

The Pidgey Calculator will show how many Pidgeys can be evolved in a period of 30 minutes along with how much XP can be earned. On the basis of the number of Pokemon and Candies entered, the Pidgey Calculator will show recommendations on whether to use the Lucky Egg or wait until the player catches more Pokemon or find more Candies.

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