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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Dodge Attacks Effectively

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Pokemon Go

Combat in Pokemon GO is fun and challenging. It is not just about mindlessly tapping the screen of your phone as you can actually perform three types of actions including the basic and special attacks and dodging. Battles in the game are balanced between attacking and defending moves. Here?s a guide on how you can dodge attacks in the mobile game.

Players can dodge an attack by swiping left or right, depending on the position of the opposing Pokemon. After each successful dodge, players will be notified that the dodge was successful. For an ineffective dodge though, the Pokemon will suffer some damage.

Before practicing your dodging and heading to a gym, make make sure you have enough potions and revives. Instead of attacking directly, spend time in dodging. Once the yellow color flashes, you should quickly perform a dodge. It is better to attack your enemy after a dodge is performed.

Players need to observe the cooldown time to figure out the best opportunities for dodging and attacking. This way, players can ensure that their Pokemon aren?t harmed during the battle.

Small attacks are faster, and it becomes really hard to dodge them unless you have a stable connection and a lag-free gameplay. ?Dodging in Pokemon GO is all about timing, so make sure that you?re quick to react when you see that yellow light flash on your screen. However, it seems that there will be some undodgeable moves in the game as suggested by a user on Reddit. However, Niantic has not confirmed any such moves, but as the game will constantly receive updates from Niantic, it is possible.

While learning to dodge, players may have to sacrifice some of their Pokemon while fighting, but it will be worth it. To become the best in Pokemon GO, you need to be great in collecting Pokemon in the real world, be skilled in gym battles, and be knowledgeable on how to get some items in the game. Take note that you?ll also have to increase your Trainer level if you want to get better items and Pokemon.

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