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Pokemon GO Tips: How to Customize Avatar on Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Go

Earlier this week, Niantic had released an update for Pokemon GO. The new update makes it possible for players to customize their avatar whenever they want. Previously, the game only allowed to personalize the avatar at the beginning of the game.

In order to customize an avatar, one needs to tap on the face of the avatar that can be found at the bottom of the map screen. Next, players tap on the green colored menu button that is available on the lower right side and then select Customize.

Players are provided with a wide range of customization options for their character. Players can not only modify the gender and the color of hair, eye and skin, but also the style of the hat, top, pants, shoe and backpack can be personalized.

In order to customize, one needs to simply tap on a desired item that shows on the left side of the avatar and scroll through the available customization options that show up at the bottom of the screen. Once a suitable option is found, tapping on it will modify the relevant part on the avatar.


After all the customizations are added, players are required to tap on the checkmark button to save changes. If this button is not clicked, all the modifications made to the avatar will be lost. Apart from customization support for avatar on Pokemon GO, the new update also brings several new enhancements that makes the game work faster.

When inspecting a Pokemon, players had to scroll down to access ?Transfer? option, but now it can be seen under the menu button on the right side. Players will no longer end up getting rid of their favorite Pokemon accidently as the new update protects favorite Pokemon from getting transferred.

The Nearby feature that allowed players to track Pokemon based on the number of footprints is no longer available in the game after the update. The feature has been removed because it failed to work efficiently. Niantic has confirmed that it will be soon adding an enhanced version of Nearby.

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