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Pokemon GO Tips: How to Change Teams on Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO

When a player reaches level 5 on Pokemon GO, he is given a chance to choose from three available teams: Team Mystic (Blue), Team Valor (Red) and Team Instinct (Yellow). Once a team is chosen, the game will not allow the player to change it. However, there are some ?workaround? that can be used to change teams.

Approaching Niantic

Several Redditors have successfully managed to change their teams by seeking support from Niantic. A player can contact Niantic to change his team not more than once.

This adjustment is provided by the company to help players who may have selected a team by mistake. One needs to be aware of the fact that the company will accept request of only those players who are on a low level and have not spent much time with the selected team.


Here is the link that can be accessed to contact Niantic to apply for a change of teams. Players will be required to provide details such as nickname, email ID and operating system version while filling the support form to complete the process. As of this writing, there is no confirmation whether or not the company will allow players to conveniently change their teams while playing the game.

Using Secondary Google Account

Another workaround is to start the game all over again. In order to change teams, players will have to use an alternate Google instead of their primary one that they are using to play the game. Alternatively, players can also make use of a new Pokemon Trainer Club account.

It will successfully help in changing teams but it will result to a player having to play the game from the beginning, or all over again. Hence, players will end up losing all the levels and XPs they have earned. In the near future, Niantic is expected to launch a Trading feature that will enable players to regain lost Pokemon and XPs.

A survey carried out by Kotaku has revealed that the Team Mystic is the most famous team. It is followed by Team Instinct, then Team Valor.

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