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Pokemon GO Tips: Why Catching Weak Pokemon Is Important

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is still dominating the world, but one slightly disappointing thing about the game is the weak wild Pokemon. As expected, they are pretty much everywhere a player goes and are pretty weak compared to the ones that come from the PokeStop eggs. Still, there are some benefits to catching these weak Pokemon.

One reason catching weak Pokemon is important are the experience points that can be received from doing so. Unlike the regular games in the series, the player’s avatar levels up as well. The higher the level of the player, the better chances he or she has at finding rare Pokemon in their area.

Leveling up the trainer also allows the player to increase the CP of a specific Pokemon. This can be one of the starters ? Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle ? or just another fan favorite that the player has managed to catch.

Those who want to ?catch em all? will also want to catch multiple versions of the same creature in Pokemon GO, regardless of its CP level. It will be easy evolving weaker Pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey into their more formidable evolved forms, since they are so rampant around the area.

Catching weak Pokemon is okay.

Evolving Pokemon also lets the player gain some experience points, so evolving the weaker creatures does have some sort of payoff. Caterpie and Pidgey have three forms, so that is even more experience for the player to get for his or her trainer avatar. Considering how important it is to level up your trainer for gym battles, this is a necessary choice to make.

Catching multiple versions of the same Pokemon is also useful, since players can transfer them to Professor Willow and get extra goodies in return. The goodies are usually extra Stardust and some candy of the transferred Pokemon, which is useful for evolution. Evolved forms can eat the candy of their predecessor to get stronger, so the exchanged candy can still be useful.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries, though it has not yet been given a worldwide release. The mobile title is available for both iOS and Android devices. ?

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