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Pokemon GO Tips: How To Catch Pokemon All Day Long In Your House

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Pokemon GO

It’s clear from the title of the game that Pokemon GO is meant to be played while exploring areas or even while going out for a walk. Much has been said about how players will need to get out of their house if they want to catch some A+ Pokemon, but it is possible to just stay in the house and catch some there.

The starter Pokemon will be right there for the taking when the game is booted up. Afterward, the player can go around the house and see what type of creatures lie in wait. Fans can probably expect a Rattata or a Meowth around the house, along with others.

Players can also draw the attention of various Pokemon with an Incense item. This attracts various Pokemon to the player so they won’t have to go outside the house if it?s raining or if it?s too hot, making it one of the most essential items of the game.

Once an Incense item is activated, it will last for about 30 minutes. Using this item makes more Pokemon spawn near the player. However, this doesn?t mean you?ll be flooded with Pokemon to interact with if you stay put. Payers will surely encounter more Pokemon while walking outside with Incense activated.

Various Pokemon will start appearing every few minutes or so. They will then be given opportunities to catch them and test their Poke’ball-throwing skills while they’re at it. Hopefully, they will be able to see some of their favorite creatures while the item is active.

When players start up Pokemon GO, they only have two Incense items with them, so they have to use each one wisely. Each item costs actual money to buy, so players might want to save these items for an actual rainy day.

Should a player want more Incense items, they can always purchase them from the in-game store with Poke’coins. Sadly, that’s not in-game currency, and customers will have to use real-life money to get these items. This was somewhat expected since it’s a free-to-play mobile game, but that might be disheartening for some.

Pokemon GO is now available in a number of countries on both iOS and Android. It should be given a worldwide release by the end of the month.

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