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Pokemon GO Tips: How to Catch Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados

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Pokemon GO Tips

Pokemon GO has certainly become one of the most popular mobile games in every inch of the globe.

While catching Pokemon may sound easy, being able to trap some of the stronger Pokemon can be very tough especially if you are new to the game. That is why one of the best Pokemon GO tips that you should know is how to catch the rare Pokemon in the game such as Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados.

Catching very common Pokemon such as Pidgeys and Caterpies is certainly a piece of cake, even for newcomers to Pokemon GO. The trouble is, you cannot really battle gyms using those types of Pokemon as you will just be wasting a ton of Revive and Potions on them. In order to have a shot at winning gym battles, you must be armed with strong Pokemon such as Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados.

Finding a Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados

Before you can worry about how to catch rare Pokemon such as Lapras, Arcanine and Gyarados, what you would need to focus on first is how to find them. These are rare Pokemon and you cannot really find them easily in the game.

If you want to find an Arcanine, Gyarados or a Lapras, you should put all of your effort into increasing the level of your trainer. Yes, it may sound like a completely irrelevant tip but that is what you would actually need to do in order to have a chance at finding these Pokemon. The higher your level, the stronger the Pokemon you encounter in the wild which is why you must do this first before anything else.

Catching Yourself a Lapras, Arcanine or Gyarados

How to Catch Lapras

Once you are able to spot a Lapras, Arcanine or a Gyarados, the next thing that you must concentrate on is to catch them. A regular Pokeball will not do the trick so the best option is to use a Great Ball or Ultra Ball if you already have it.

Another tip that you can follow is to practice your throwing technique for the Arcanine, Lapras or Gyarados. The kind of throw actually determines just how effective it will be in catching the Pokemon so for stronger Pokemon you should really take time to practice throwing your Pokeball. If you want, you can try feeding the Pokemon some Razz Berries too to help increase your chances of catching it.

Follow the advice above and you could have a Lapras, Arcanine or Gyarados in your Pokedex in no time. Good luck!


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