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Pokemon GO Tips: Which Is The Best Team To Choose And How To Change Teams?

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After reaching the level 5 on Pokemon GO, players are prompted to choose their desired teams from three available options. These are Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct. This Pokemon GO tips article will provide readers with a low down on each team.

Once a player reaches level 5 and heads on to choose a Pokemon Gym, Professor Willow will show up to guide them to the teams. Choosing the right team is important as the team members you will play with will affect your experience of the game.

Each team is represented by a legendary Pokemon. Team Instinct (Yellow) is led by Spark and its mascot is Zapdos, the legendary bird. Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic (Blue) and its mascot is the legendary Articuno. Team Valor (Red) is pioneered by Candela and its mascot is the legendary Moltres.

It is important to read the description of each team before joining one. Team Instinct is known for remarkable instincts and intuitions. Team Mystic is known for its intellect and wisdom. And lastly, Team Valor is known for their Pokemon?s strength and power.


Speculations have it that the legendary Pokemon will appear later in the course of the game. Hence, it is recommended to learn about the features of Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres and then choose a team that best appeals to you.

A recent survey conducted by Kotaku revealed that Team Mystic is the most popular followed by Team Instinct and Team Valor. However, it is advisable to scout around your local area to know which is the dominating team.

How to Change Teams?

At present, there is no official way available on Pokemon GO to change teams. Also, the company has not provided any information on introducing this feature in the near future.

It means once a player chooses a Red, Blue or Yellow team, he will have to stick with that team permanently. However, Pokemon GO players have been suggesting to Niantic to provide a chance to change their teams through real money or PokeCoins.

Pokemon Go teams

There is one option that would allow players to change teams, but it is not a good one as it will result in starting the game all over again. Once a player hits level 5, goes to a Pokemon Gym and then chooses a team, he can change his team by using a new or secondary Google account instead of the main one or make a new Pokemon Trainer Club account. Choosing a new account will allow players to change teams but as mentioned before, it would result in starting the game all over again.

Niantic is expected to introduce the Trading feature in the near future. This feature may possibly allow users to gain their lost Pokemon.

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