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Pokemon GO Tips: Best Pokemon to Use in Gym Battles

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Pokemon GO Tips

There are a lot of things that you can do in Pokemon GO but one of the most exciting ones is trying to take over a Pokemon Gym of a rival team. Pokemon Gym battles are the closest thing to the old Pokemon games and it is certainly exciting to face off against the Pokemon of another player. One of the best Pokemon GO tips that you should know is choosing the right Pokemon when doing Gym battles.

Before anything else, every Pokemon GO player should know that not all Pokemon are created equal. While some may think that the final evolution of every Pokemon are all equally strong, that is actually not the case.

The Silph Road has actually collated some of the data gathered from Pokemon GO in order to rank some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Here are just a few of the best Pokemon that you should take with you when you want to do a Pokemon Gym battle.

  • Dragonite ? The final evolution of Dratini is certainly on Pokemon that you should not mess with. It is extremely strong both in terms of attack and on defense. His stamina is a bit low though but surely his excellent offensive stats will mean that the battles he engages in will be over in a jiffy.
  • Snorlax ? Do not let its soft and bouncy exterior fool you as Snorlax is actually one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. He has above average attack, defense and stamina so he is surely one Pokemon that you should take on a gym battle anytime.
  • Lapras ? While Lapras was used primarily as a transport Pokemon in the earlier Pokemon games, in Pokemon GO it is one of the strongest Pokemon available right now. The water/ice Pokemon has a higher defense rating compared to its attack but it can certainly do a ton of damage to any Pokemon defending the gym you are taking on.

Pokemon GO Tips

With either of these three very strong Pokemon, you will definitely not have a hard time unseating other players in Pokemon GO gym battles. Try it out for yourself and see just how strong these Pokemon are in the game.


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