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Pokemon GO Tips: Best Pokemon Per Moveset For Attacking And Defending Gyms After Niantic?s Vaporeon Nerf Update

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After Vaporeon?s nerf, the question on who the best Pokemon are in Pokemon GO was left unanswered. However, a Reddit user named Professor_Kukui has compiled a cheat sheet on Reddit of Pokemon stats which compare and sort Pokemon according to their Gym Duel strength, Gym Defense, and Damage Per Second (DPS) rankings. This is a useful Pokemon GO tip and tool for those who want to get better in the game. Gym Offense is the damage over 100 seconds multiplied by the Base Atk value of the species.

Gym Duel Rankings ?identify which Pokemon are objectively the strongest to use while fighting against a gym, while taking into account the Pokemon’s DPS and survivability.? It is for Gym battlers who want to evaluate their offensive Pokemon with an eye toward just tanking incoming damage and not doing any dodging. It’s Gym Offense multiplied by Tankiness which is HP x Def. The following are the top 24 Pokemon and their most optimal moveset in this category:

  1. ??????Snorlax (Zen Headbutt/Hyperbeam)
  2. ??????Dragonite (D. Breath/D. Claw)
  3. ??????Lapras (Ice Shard/Blizzard)
  4. ??????Vaporeon (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  5. ??????Arcanine (Fire Fang/Fire Blast)
  6. ??????Exeggutor (Zen Headbutt and Solarbeam)
  7. ??????Blastoise (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  8. ??????Slowbro (Water Gun/Psychic)
  9. ??????Gyarados (D. Breath or Bite/Hydro Pump)
  10. ??Muk (Poison Jab/Gunk Shot)
  11. ??Venosaur (Vine Whip/Solarbeam)
  12. ??Poliwrath (Bubble/Hydro Pump)
  13. ??Nidoqueen (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  14. ??Charizard (Wing Attack/Fire Blast)
  15. ??Golem (Mud Shot/Stone Edge)
  16. ??Wigglytuff (Pound/Hyper Beam)
  17. ??Golduck (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  18. ??Rhydon (Mud Slap/Stone Edge)
  19. ??Nidoking (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  20. ??Vileplume (Acid/Solarbeam)
  21. ??Clefable (Pound/Moonblast)
  22. ??Omastar (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  23. ??Dewgong (Frost Breath/Blizzard)
  24. ??Victreebel (Acid/Solarbeam)

Gym Defense Rankings ?is completely different from normal DPS as the mechanics behind the computer’s attack scheme is different.? It is just the damage over 100s, assuming the above behavior, multiplied by the base attack of the species and then multiplied again by Tankiness. In Pokemon, the general damage formula tends to base around (Atk/Def) as a central multiplier The following are the top 24 Pokemon and their most optimal moveset in this category:

  1. ??????Lapras (Ice Shard/Ice Beam)
  2. ??????Poliwrath (Bubble/Hydro Pump)
  3. ??????Dragonite (Steel Wing/Dragon Pulse)
  4. ??????Snorlax (Zen Headbutt/Hyber Beam)
  5. ??????Exeggutor (Confusion/Psychic)
  6. ??????Slowbro (Confusion/Psychic)
  7. ??????Venosaur (Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard)
  8. ??????Arcanine (Fire Fang/Flamethrower)
  9. ??????Muk (Poison Jab/Dark Pulse)
  10. ??Vileplume (Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard)
  11. ??Nidoqueen (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  12. ??Vaporeon (Water Gun/ Water Pulse)
  13. ??Golem (Rock Throw/Stone Edge)
  14. ??Rhydon (Mud Slap/Earthquake)
  15. ??Hypno (Confusion/Psychic)
  16. ??Victreebell (R. Leaf/Leaf Blade or Solarbeam)
  17. ??Charizard (Ember/Flamethrower)
  18. ??Dewgon (Ice Shard/Blizzard)
  19. ??Omastar (Rock Throw/Rock Slide)
  20. ??Clefable (Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gaze)
  21. ??Nidoking (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  22. ??Golduck (Confusion/Hydro Pump)
  23. ??Flareon (Ember/Flamethrower)
  24. ??Tentacruel (Poison Jab/Hydro Pump)

Straight DPS Rankings helps players ?identify which Pokemon are objectively the strongest DPS, without care to health or defense.? The following are the top 26 Pokemon and their optimal moveset in this category:

  1. ??????Dragonite (D. Breath/D. Claw)
  2. ??????Arcanine (Fire Fang/Fire Blast)
  3. ??????Exeggutor (Zen Headbutt/Solarbeam)
  4. ??????Charizard (Wing Attack/Fire Blast)
  5. ??????Flareon (Ember/Fire Blast)
  6. ??????Victreebell (Acid/Solarbeam)
  7. ??????Golduck (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  8. ??????Starmie (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  9. ??????Nidoking (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  10. ??Venosaur (Vine Whip/Solarbeam)
  11. ??Blastoise (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  12. ??Vaporeon (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  13. ??Cloyster (Frost Breath/Blizzard)
  14. ??Vileplume (Acid/Solarbeam)
  15. ??Wigglytuff (Pound/Hyperbeam)
  16. ??Magmar (Ember/Fire Blast)
  17. ??Golem (Mud Shot/Stone Edge)
  18. ??Raichu (Spark/Thunder)
  19. ??Omastar (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  20. ??Kabutops (Mud Shot/Stone Edge)
  21. ??Seadra (Water Gun/Hydro Pump)
  22. ??Gengar (Shadow Claw/Sludge Wave)
  23. ??Lapras (Frost Breath/Blizzard)
  24. ??Nidoqueen (Poison Jab/Earthquake)
  25. ??Alakazam (Psycho Cut/Psychic)
  26. ??Gyrados (D. Breath or Bite/Hydro Pump)

Dragonite, included in the top three of each category, is noteworthy and is considerably the best obtainable Pokemon in the game right now. Professor _Kukui posted on Reddit that after the server update and Vaporeon?s nerf, ?the dynamic became more balanced. However, the data of this Pokemon GO tip did not take into consideration the effectivity of Pokemon types and does not include Legendary Pokemon as they have not yet been released in the game.

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