Pokemon GO Tips: Best New Smartphones To Play The Game On

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Pokemon GO

It is a known fact that the Pokemon GO?game takes a significant toll on the batteries of smartphones. The battery drain is caused by the GPS usage, brightness of display, camera and internet. Not long ago, The Bitbag argued that this game is?forcing the OEMs to make fat smartphones fitted with bigger battery units. Even though there are many Pokemon GO tips available to save battery, there is no permanent solution at this point.

Sure, players can use power banks, cases with built-in batteries and replaceable battery units. But they are all add-ons. The player has to carry an extra gadget to get the job done. Therefore, what?s the solution to Pokemon GO battery drain? Buy a smartphone with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Look for a smartphone with bigger battery capacity.
  2. Look for battery life saving features in the handset.
  3. Apart from GPS, look for GLONASS support in smartphones before buying.

For instance, Google got the battery requirements right by concentrating on the aggressive power saving techniques employed in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. This helps save battery in conjunction with Pokemon GO app?s native battery saving feature.

After switching the built-in battery saver mode on, every time a player points the handset to the ground — while walking around between stops — the screen brightness gets lowered, the number of calls made to the server reduces and even the refresh rate is brought down to an extent,?Forbes noted.

Pokemon GO

With all these criteria in mind along with the user feedback, here are the best smartphones to play Pokemon GO:

Android Devices

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge
  2. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Note: Most Xperia handsets offer good battery life.)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Note: The successor?Galaxy Note 7 just got released.)
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  5. Moto G4 Plus (Note: This is a mid-ranger with a good battery.)

Other noteworthy smartphones with good battery units include: Gionee M6 (5,000mAh battery) and Gionee M6 Plus (6,020mAh battery).

Technically, Motorola?s Droid Turbo comes with a generous battery. However,?many users in Reddit complained that the game doesn?t work in the Turbo. According to them, the errors are: ?location not found? or ?GPS signal not found.?

iOS Devices

Apple?s iPhones released in the past couple of years come with GLONASS support, so there?s no need to look for this configuration. Even though Apple is known to tweak the battery to offer longer battery life, the tech giant never houses a bigger battery cell. This compromise is made to get the much-preferred slimmer look.

Therefore, if you cannot move out of the iOS ecosystem, then you can buy the latest iPhone 6s Plus, or wait for the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro to make a debut in September.


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