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Pokemon Go Tips For Beginners: 10 Basic Things To Know Before Playing Game

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It has already been almost a week since Pokemon Go had its world premiere. It is certain that there are people who want to play the game yet do not have any idea what it is all about. Worry no more because we got your back as we provide tips for beginners like you before you dive into the world of Pokemon.

  1. What is Pokemon?

Pokemon in general is basically a whole different world where people live with creatures called Pokemon and have the chance to capture them and make them their pets. Now, each ?pet? has special abilities which you can use to attack and weaken other creatures before capturing them, but that is a topic we will be expounding later on.

  1. What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a game developed by Niantic where a player will have the chance to be a real player walking around to look for a Pokemon. Through the years, the game was only available for Gameboys, but with this new game, players will have to be more active physically in order to find different types of Pokemon, as reports revealed that a specific area holds a specific type of Pokemon only.

  1. What are the different kinds of Pokemon?

The most basic ones are the fire, grass and water types. These are the attributes of the starters. However, as you progress in your journey, you will encounter a lot more kinds of creatures like flying, fighting, poison, metal, dragon, electric, ghost, psychic, bug and ice aside from the normal types of Pokemon. Keep in mind that each kind of Pokemon is stronger than one or two other types of creatures.

  1. What types are stronger than what types?

This is one of the most important things you should know in playing Pokemon games. If you know all the weakness of your opponent, you can counter it and winning will be just a piece of cake. Let us start with the fire type pokemon. They are always stronger than grass, bug, metal and ice types.

On the other hand, water types are stronger than fire, rock and ground types. While for grass types, they are more effective on water and ground types. As you can see, one starter is stronger than the other but weaker than the other one.

The world of Pokemon revolves around how effective and weak a certain type can be against other kinds so be sure to explore all the other mismatches as you play the game. Remember that each type has its weakness, you just have to discover it.

  1. ?How to upgrade Pokemon?

Another useful tips for beginners is how to level up their Pokemon. In the previous games released, it was through battling that your creatures can gain experience, which is necessary for them to level up. However, in Pokemon Go, reports reveal that Pokemon can only power up through candies, which you can get by capturing more Pokemon of the same species.

For example, if you caught a Bulbasaur, you will have to capture another Bulbasaur, get its candies, and give them to the first one. With this process, your Pokemon will evolve in a much quicker phase.

  1. ?Do I Need to Battle with Other Trainers?

In the previous games, battling other trainers are necessary to increase the power of your Pokemon. However, in Pokemon GO, battles play a smaller role. You can only experience it in Pokemon Gyms where you will challenge other players? creatures that are protecting the gym.

  1. ?How Do I Battle?

Again, there are differences from the previous games and this latest one. In the past games, players take turn in attacking one another. But in this game, Pokemon will attack in real time. Gamers will have to use their skills to dodge an attack from the opponent by swiping left or right.

  1. What are Pokemon Gyms?

In most Pokemon games, there are only eight Pokemon Gyms led by the gym leaders. You have to defeat all eight to challenge the more powerful Elite 4 and the champion in that particular region.

But in Pokemon Go, you will have to walk around and locate the area where a Pokemon Gym is located. It can be found on landmarks. Each gym are controlled by one of the three different teams – red, blue and yellow. If you manage to defeat the gym trainer, you will get experience points that will help you level up.

  1. ?When Can I Defend a Gym?

As mentioned, each gym is being controlled by one of the three different teams. In order for you to be a part of any of those teams, first you need to reach level 5. Once you are on that level, you will be asked what team you want to join.

After joining a particular team, you can now look for a Pokemon Gym owned by your squad. Then you will have to check if there are still slots available in that gym. If there is, you can join the team there and defend the gym.

  1. When Will the Game End?

As of now, there is still no end game to Pokemon GO. You just have to collect more Pokemon and take control of local Pokemon Gyms. However, it is certain that the game is going to develop over time.

There you have it! The Pokemon GO tips for beginners. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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