Pokemon GO Tips: Android Battery Saving Tips To Hatch More Gen 2 Baby Pokemon

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Now that there are more Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players will need to take longer trips to hatch eggs for a chance to get those gen 2 monsters. As usual, the common woe for players is the battery for their smartphones. Since the launch of Pokemon GO a couple of months ago, there are more newly discovered ways to save battery. Here are a few Pokemon GO tips to make your Android smartphone last longer.

General Tips

YouTuber Shepotah shares a few interesting tips for Pokemon GO Android users that might not be known to some. First off, the Youtuber notes that using a plain black wallpaper would save players a few battery time, especially on AMOLED screens. Another way to save battery is by turning off haptic feedback on the smartphone. He adds that it would also be wise to turn off the ?Okay Google? function in the smartphone.

Helpful Apps

There are also a few helpful apps that can save players a lot of battery life. First on the list and the most helpful of all is NetGuard. This app will allow players to block internet access to select apps on the smartphones. This prevents the app from running and using the smartphone?s online capabilities when not in use.

Next is Battery Extender GO. The name itself suggests that it?s going to be a helpful app that can be used with Pokemon GO. This app will act as a secondary lock screen so that the player doesn?t have to spend a few seconds while unlocking the screen. More Pokemon GO tips suggests to turn of in-game sounds to maximize the potential of the app.

Last but not the least is PixOff. This app saves battery by turning of pixels on the screen. It?s a more useful app in AMOLED screens.

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