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Pokemon GO Tips: Advanced Pokeball Throwing Techniques To Catch Difficult Pokemon

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Being a Pokemon Master isn?t all that easy, but it can be once you?ve mastered the basic techniques through some Pokemon GO tips.

The thrill of playing the new augmented reality craze on your smartphone is mostly in finding and catching the Pokemons. Just when you thought the finding part is the ultimate challenge, catching the pocket monsters could be difficult as well. Swiping your finger on the screen can be difficult and frustrating especially if you don?t know why the method you?re using isn?t working.

So here are some advanced Pokeball throwing techniques that you can do to catch difficult Pokemon: (via CNET)

Capture the Pokemon before the circle shrinks

Upon placing your finger on the Pokeball, the circle will start to get smaller and smaller. You can receive bonus experience points if your Pokeball lands on your target within the circle. If you want more bonus points, you can try spinning the Pokeball and pitching a curveball. This requires some skill and experience as it?s such a tricky maneuver, so don?t expect to hit a Pikachu consistently.


Throw the Pokeball from the top

A new technique has caused a lot of buzz on Pokemon players which suggests throwing the Pokeball from the top instead of the bottom of your screen.

Follow your target Pokemon?s shadow

This is a technique which can help you avoid wasting your Pokeballs when the augmented reality is activated. Regardless of the position or location of the Pokemon you?re after, you will see a little shadow beneath them. Use the shadow to estimate the distance and your chances of snagging the Pokemon will be higher.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and most countries in Europe. If you?re just around the area, you can catch the Pokemon Go panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2016, Hall H, Sunday, July 24, 1:45p.m. PT.

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