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Pokemon GO: How to Throw a Curveball and Rewards You Can Get

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Pokemon GO

Want to catch Pokemon in style? Then why not attempt a curve ball the next time you run into one during your journey in Pokemon GO? This flashy method of throwing nets you an extra 10 experience points per capture. This additional XP can be a huge help as you try to grind out levels during the early phases of the game. To master the curveball in the game, here are the steps you need to take.

Pokemon GO CurveBall Guide

  1. ? When in the fighting screen, press and hold your pokeball.
  2. ? With your finger still pressed down, start making a circular motion around the pokeball.
  3. ? If you do it correctly, your Pokeball should start to spin while emitting sparkles.
  4. ? Now for the tricky part: you?ll need to throw the ball in the opposite direction from the one it?s spinning.
  5. ? If your touch is on point, the spin of the ball should make it arc right onto the Pokemon you?re trying to capture.

If you want to see see the Curveball in action, check out this?handy tutorial from YouTuber MeneerTAO.

Do note that the ring bonus still applies when throwing a curveball, so make sure to release the PokeBall once the target ring around the Pokemon is at its smallest diameter to increase your chances. Doing this is essential when squaring off against some of Pokemon GO?s rarer monsters.

Meanwhile, if you’re at level 7 or higher in the game, you can try to feed the Pok?mon a Razz Berry. This will daze the Pokemon for a short time and increase the likelihood of it staying inside your Pokeball. At level 10, you can also start acquiring higher quality Pokeballs to increase your shot.

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