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Pokemon GO Three Step Nearby Tracker Removed: Top 3 Fan Movements After The Update

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Pokemon GO

After the latest Pokemon GO update 0.31.0, Niantic has been receiving a lot of criticism from fans. Players are not happy with the unannounced changes and problems the new game update has brought. Lack of communication from the developer and previous updates have already frustrated fans, and now many players are taking some bold steps to make Niantic realize their worth.

While Nintendo is making millions with its new AR mobile game, fans want solutions to the problems they have been facing in the game. The latest update, specially the removal of nearby tracker, has tremendously annoyed players. Here are the top three fan movements after the latest Pokemon GO update.

Fans in Japan got the game late, but their anger against Niantic has put them in headlines. Players in Japan are downvoting Pokemon GO like crazy, and now the app on the Japanese store has less than a 2-star rating. Many fans believe that this would cost the developers a lot, and Niantic should certainly address the issues to appease the players.

Another step players are taking is ditching the in-game shop. Some players have decided not to buy any item from the store until Niantic brings back the major features it has removed with the latest update. This will definitely cost the company a lot as the game is free to play and the major source of their income are from the game?s microtransactions.

Some players do not even want to keep Pokemon GO in their mobile phones anymore. Social media platforms are filled with complaints, and players claim that they will no longer play the game. Nintendo?s new mobile game has seen skyrocketing success just after its launch, making it one of the most downloaded games ever. Now that people are not happy with the new changes and the game?s existing bugs, Niantic is still keeping quiet.

Those who have purchased items in the game have already started to request for refunds, and many of them successfully got their money back. This is a crucial time for Niantic as it is quickly losing Pokemon GO fans.

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