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Pokemon GO Three Step Bug Workaround

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Pokemon Go

The three step bug in Pokemon GO remains unaddressed even after the latest 1.0.3 update. Players have been facing this problem for quite a while as the Nearby tracker does not show accurate Pokemon locations. This bug has made finding Pokemon close to impossible, but thanks to technology, there?s a workaround for the problem. If you are looking for a way to fix the three step bug, here are the solutions you can try.

Niantic has been silent on issues regarding the game, so fans have looked for their own ways to deal with the three step bug. There?s already a solution available that helps you find accurate locations of Pokemon. By using PokeVision, one can easily find rare Pokemon locations in real time. Some fans on Reddit also suggest using the Ingress map which is also an effective method.

Pokemon GO is inspired by Niantic?s Ingress mobile game. By using the Ingress map, one can easily locate PokeStops and Gym locations. If your nearby tracker in Pokemon GO is broken, you can also use the Ingress map to check the locations of the Pokemon you want.

When you check the map in Ingress, you?ll see XM. These are the small particles that are used to collect energy. In Pokemon GO, these XM particles are Pokemon spawn locations.

Some players also suggest that identifying a location can also help people. For example, if you find rare Pokemon in specific locations, checking these locations again can be a good idea, and there are chances that players can find some new Pokemon spawn in those places. If you are interested in spending some money, visiting PokeStops can help you get items such as Lure Module and Incense to attract wild Pokemon. There?s a always trick available which can help make broken features work in Pokemon GO.

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