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Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Update: Niantic Readies Event By Reducing PokeStop Rewards?

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After the Pokemon GO Halloween event, players have been used to collecting more items and Pokemon than they usually do. But what could happen if another major change happens in preparation for the?Pokemon GO Thanksgiving update?

During this past month, Pokemon GO players had the luxury of an item bonanza due to the daily bonuses and increased rewards from PokeStops. This made the players used to getting more items than they usually do.?But there have been reports on reddit that the item rewards has hugely decreased after the Halloween event. Not only that, in comparison to the number of items given before the event started, PokeStops currently has lower PokeStop rewards.

With this significant change in item drops, players are assuming that this could be a ?stealth move? done by the people of Niantic in preparation for the next Pokemon GO Thanksgiving update. They are saying that there is a possibility that the tactic is to load the players with a numerous amount of items for a short period of time to cover up for the possible item shortage.

Players on?Pokemon GO reddit?are saying that they used to get an average of four to five Pokeballs, but after the event, it went down to just three. It also seems that the three-item drop is more frequent now than before where you can have a variety of item drops per PokeStop. Could this also be due to the Pokemon GO Thanksgiving update?

Due to this sudden turn of events, players are devastated that they may not be able to catch all the Pokemon they see. Some say that it may be a business scheme to force players to buy Pokeballs due to such a small supply of free Pokeballs in the game.

With all these shenanigans happening in the game, we hope that the upcoming Pokemon GO Thanksgiving update would compensate the players in a good way.

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