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Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event: Get Double Stardust and XP

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After the success of the Halloween Event, Niantic has left no stone unturned to woo players at special events. Niantic has made an exclusive plan to lure players with their Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event?where they will?get rewarded with Double Stardust and XP.

Niantic has made an official statement that people will get double Stardust and XP for catching Pokemon on Thanksgiving. The company even declared that extra stardust and XP is a gift for the players on Thanksgiving Day. So, forget turkey and start catching Pokemon.

Get double reward from 23rd November

On Thanksgiving, Niantic has made an official announcement which says, ?It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokemon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise.?

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Niantic even appreciates the hundreds of millions of players around the world who joined the Pokemon journey and made it the highest grossing app of all time. The company says that there?s no other way to celebrate Thanksgiving as good as thanking its?players.

It declared that players will get double stardust and XP from November 23rd at 00.00 UTC and the reward will last until?30th November 00.00 UTC. Players will receive the reward after completing in-game actions.

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Importance of Stardust and XP in Pokemon GO

Stardust is extremely important for players as they need more to level up their Pokemon at later stages. The higher level the Pokemon, the more stardust a player needs to power them up. So, a Pokemon trainer is always looking to get extra stardust.

On the other hand, XP is also vital for a good Pokemon GO experience. After Level 30, players need to cross a large XP wall to continue their game. It seems that Niantic?is making it easier for players to collect double XP as a Thanksgiving gift.

The Halloween event was successful in making inactive players return. Let?s see how successful the Thanksgiving event will be. Get ready to catch them all this Thanksgiving Day!

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