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Pokemon GO Teams Have Hidden Benefits?

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Pokemon Go teams

Upon reaching level 5 in Pokemon GO, players can begin choosing from one of three teams. The three teams are Valor, Mystic and Instinct. Aside from possibly affecting what Legendary Bird the player can get, are there other things that come with choosing a team? Some players are beginning to wonder if there are Team Benefits as well.

YouTube InfamousJaleelGaming recently posted a video that details the benefits of each of the team. This isn?t confirmed by Niantic yet, but it could be a hidden gem, much like the Eevee renaming evolution trick.

The alleged benefits are as follows:

  • ????????Team Instinct (Yellow) ? Eggs when hatched will be at higher CP and will be given more candies than Mystic and Valor.
  • ????????Team Mystic (Blue) ? When evolving Pokemon, Mystic members will have a higher CP after evolutions.
  • ????????Team Valor (Red) ? Able to catch Pokemon with a higher CP at a better catch rate than Instinct and Mystic.

Again, Niantic didn?t say anything about team benefits in Pokemon GO even at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con 2016 where the developer also revealed the three team leaders: Blanche, Candela and Spark.

If this is true, then some of the teams have it better than the others. For example, both Instinct and Valor are pretty much at a disadvantage in terms of the benefits at latter parts of the game since hatched Pokemon cap is level 20 and wild Pokemon cap is 30. Team Mystic members, on the other hand, will have the better end of the bargain as their benefit is useful at any part of the game.

This is yet to be confirmed by Niantic and we?re hoping to hear from them soon. If this is true, then the developers should at least give each player a chance to switch teams in Pokemon GO.


The game has been out for quite a while and players have come to a conclusion that there are no exclusive benefits for joining a team. You can check out more Pokemon GO myths here.

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