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What Pokemon GO Team Is Winning? Which Team To Choose

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Pokemon GO is a game where players aim to reach high levels through catching different creatures. But, once they reach level 5, gamers can now enter gym battles and gain experience much easier. However, you have to pick your team first so, the question is–which team to join?

For beginners, the first thing you need to know is that there are three teams in the game, namely Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic. Each team has their own description and uniqueness, so let us discuss them first to help you decide what team to fight for. Also, we will give you their current standings as noted by the trainers.

Team Instinct

According to reports, this team base their decisions on their instincts and obviously it is where they got their group name. Their leader is Sparke and he believes that success in battle can be achieved by trusting your guts. Lastly, they are represented by the legendary bird Zapdos.

However, there are also claims that the team is the underdog among all teams. Because apparently, trainers could not just trust their instincts in winning battles. But, if you do trust your instincts, go join this team and try to defend your squad.

Team Valor

If trusting your guts does not work for you, then maybe battling will. This team mainly focuses on going up against other trainers to level up. They believe that through dueling over and over again, you will enhance your skills a lot.

The team?s leader is Candela and their mascot is Moltres. If you think that battling is the best part of this game, then this team will best suit you.

Team Mystic

The last team on the list is represented by the ice-type legendary bird Articuno. They are led by Blanche and they do a lot of research about the Pokemon evolution. Also, according to Telegraph, they hold the most number of gyms in Europe and that is a clear indication that they have the upperhand.

Aside from that, they are taking the logical approach in Pokemon GO. So, if that captures your interest, then side with them. Plus, who would not want to be represented by the coolest legendary bird (literally).

Clearly, based on reports, the winning team in the game is Team Mystic. But, it is safe to assume that it also depends on the region where you are playing. What is sure, though, is that you have to choose carefully the team you want to join.

How about you? What team do you think is the best in Pokemon GO? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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