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Pokemon GO: Should Team Rocket Be Part Of The Game?

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When Pokemon GO launched a couple of weeks ago, players were introduced to a game with a few features, but it is still well-received despite its shortcomings. Upon reaching level 5, players get to pick which team they want to join. The choice is between three teams, but there is one team that players might want but is not available in the game.

There are currently three teams in Pokemon GO: Team Valor, represented by Moltres, Team Mystic, represented by Articuno and Team Instinct, represented by Zapdos. We believe that Pokemon GO shouldn?t be exempted from having its own group of bad guys, and since this is generation 1 we?re talking about, Team Rocket should be the fourth and bad group in Niantic?s augmented reality title.

This is just a speculation, but Niantic adding Team Rocket to the title won?t be much of a surprise move. The group is the main antagonists in Ash?s adventure from the first season of the anime and Red?s as well in the first Pokemon titles.

When it comes to what Legendary Pokemon will represent the group, they don?t really need anything since the main goal of the group is stealing Pokemon. We?ve yet to know how much the representative Legendary Birds will affect the teams, but it?s likely that there won?t be much of an effect to level the playing field among all players in all teams. Even if Team Rocket won?t have its Legendary Pokemon, it won?t be at a disadvantage over other teams.

Now?s the perfect time to add Team Rocket to Pokemon GO, after Niantic recently revealed the team leaders: Candela for Valor, Blanche for Mystic and Spark for Instinct. As of now, players can?t switch to a different team, so they probably won?t be able to join Team Rocket if they ever get added to the game via an update.

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