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Pokemon GO Team Leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark: Do You Want To Switch Teams Now? [Poll]

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Pokemon GO

It was somewhat surprising to see Pokemon GO become such a hot topic after the San Diego Comic-Con. While it didn’t overshadow the trailers of Wonder Woman and Justice League, it still made a huge impact by introducing the leaders of the mobile game’s teams. Now that they’ve been revealed, fans are wondering if they should switch teams.

The leaders are Candela (Red/Valor), Blanche (Blue/Mystic) and Spark (Yellow/Instinct). Ever since the three characters were revealed, social media went crazy for the attractively drawn readers. Some fans feel validated with their choice of team, while others have begun regretting their move and might even switch to a different team.

Candela and Spark are fairly attractive characters, but Blanche’s appeal is a bit hard to understand. This is because the character design of Blanche makes it hard to decipher if the character is a man or a woman. Fans could argue that it doesn’t matter, since characters with ambiguous genders have always been around, like Leo from Tekken, so that is a fair argument.

This isn’t the first time the Internet went crazy for attractive people in Pokemon GO. Professor Willow was considered by many to be an attractive old fellow, with some even comparing him to the equally attractive professor from Pokemon Sun and Moon. It seems like Niantic is on a roll with their character designs, and it will be interesting to see if they introduce other characters to the mobile game.

What fans have also been wondering is if these team leaders will add anything to the mobile game. Since the announcement was made in Comic-Con, it’s clear that the characters are important, but will they add anything to the title’s gameplay? Sex appeal doesn’t count, though it might for a certain amount of fans.

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Pokemon GO is currently available in a certain amount of countries and was recently made available in Hong Kong. The developers have stated that we probably wouldn’t see any legendary Pokemon until the game is made available to all regions, so fans who want Zapdos or Mewtwo will have to wait longer. ?

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