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Pokemon GO: Which Team Should You Choose?

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Pokemon Go

Before joining a Pokemon GO team, players will have to reach Trainer Level 5. After reaching a certain level, players will be introduced to Pokemon gyms, and then Professor Willow will guide them to the teams.

The AR game has three teams: Instinct, Mystic and Valor. Each of them is represented by Yellow, Blue and Red, respectively. The main question here though is which team you should go for. Here?s a guide to help you.

Developed by Niantic Labs, Pokemon GO allows players to join a team of their choice. Unfortunately, you cannot create your own team and are bound to join any of the three teams available. According to Niantic, players cannot change their team at the moment, so it is important to choose your team wisely. The details shared by the developer suggest that Spark will lead team Instinct, while team Mystic will be controlled by Blanche. The leader of team Red, which is Valor, is Candela.

However, choosing a team will have no effect on the gameplay experience. No matter what team you choose, it will not have any significant impact on the way you?ll progress through the game, so the players can go with any of the available colors. One of the most interesting things is the mobile game will get a large number of audiences from the Ingress community, and in Pokemon GO, there?s no team Green which is one of the densely populated teams in Ingress.

Some fans believe that the Blue team will dominate the others by having the highest number of player count, but Niantic intends to keep things balanced in the game. It seems that there will be a balance among all the teams in Pokemon GO, but if it doesn?t happen, some of the teams will be heavily populated than others. Niantic has not introduced any way to check the local stats of the teams, so you need to choose the team with more players in your area and the one your friends are joining.

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