Pokemon GO Taxi Rides: Get Driven Anywhere While Catching Pokemon

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Pokemon GO from Niantic Labs and Nintendo has certainly become a huge hit. Players are often physically moving with their phones and are driven to catch wild Pokemon in the game. Some transportation services have also surfaced to accommodate players in traversing through their locales and traveling around the city. Here?s the discussion from Reddit showing a taxi service intended for the mobile game?s players.

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As seen on the image, someone is offering transportation services for an hour to help Pokemon GO players get around town faster. This way, players can easily move through town, visit more Pokestops, and even try to travel around to look for wild Pokemon safely. However, there are still rules in the game that may impede the game?s progress when using cars.
According to Reddit user Aperez78, the egg hatching progression stops once your phone hits the speed of around 20 miles per hour. You?ll have to ask your taxi to drive slowly and particularly drive short distances to maximize your egg hatching progress. Alternatively, you can ignore your eggs for the meantime and instead focus on covering more distance, visiting many Pokestops, and searching for wild Pokemon in particular areas.
However, it?s best to take extra caution when availing of these services as some players may become victims of robbery. If possible, ask a trusted friend to drive you around instead of picking off people through the Internet. On the other hand, players could prepare for worst-case scenarios by bringing self-defense items if they opt to try these taxi rides. If the trend does pick up, the Pokemon GO community might have an increase in player base due to the convenient gameplay.
Despite the advantages of the taxi rides for the gaming community, fans are also wary that car services may ruin the game balance if they?re used too much. In Niantic?s previous game, Ingress, players with vehicles could easily traverse through the city and contest the game?s checkpoints from the opposing team. While Pokemon GO has systems negating progress for players in vehicles and is yet to assert its competitive flair with the ?Colored Teams? system in the game, the overall advantages of vehicle travel are yet to be measured once the game becomes available worldwide.

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