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Pokemon GO: Are You Taking Damage After Dodging? Damage Windows Explained

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In Pokemon GO Gym battles, dodging is the only defense option you have to minimize the damage you receive in the game. However, there are times when you dodge an attack but still get hit anyway. Here?s why you?re taking damage despite your efforts to time the dodge right.

According to The Silph Road?s video, players have a specific ?Damage Window? to look out for when dodging a defending Pokemon?s attack. Players only have half a second to react to the attack with a dodge. However, the avoided hit still connects with weaker damage if your dodge is late or too early.

Additionally, Reddit user LastSasquatch on the SilphRoad subreddit made an infographic for the Damage Windows explanation on the video. While the infographic advises players to dodge attacks which take place in milliseconds, it gets easier if you practice around with allied Gyms first. Due to the game?s lack of defense or supportive moves, players will have to perfect their dodging to keep their Pokemon as healthy as possible in the Gym battles.

So far, the SilphRoad community found out that most quick attacks have the same timing. However, a Pokemon?s special attacks have different timing from regular quick attacks, so you?ll have to specifically practice dodging those moves. Moreover, some special attacks last longer than the dodge?s invulnerable frames, which make for an inevitable hit regardless of the dodge penalty.

Currently, Pokemon GO notes the Ice type move, Blizzard, as one of these unavoidable attacks. Its unavoidable property and Ice type makes it valuable against Dragon types. Players should consider breeding a Pokemon to its maximum potential as that Pokemon may be useful against Dragon types attacking their Gyms.

Once you get the timing right, you can take on Gyms with high CP defenders as long as you stay consistent with your dodging. However, it might still be better to prepare a Pokemon with some relevant damage to make the matches faster and less tiring. However, this Pokemon GO dodging trick might be the norm in high level play, so your Gyms may be stolen if it?s not guarded well enough.

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